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Keep my room clean

a clean room is def. worth it. plus, in my dorm, it’s fun having people walk in and rave on how great it is.

sleep on a rooftop under the stars

my first night was when i visited my aunt in munich, which was my first time to europe. I went during oktoberfest, and after we got back i pulled my mattress onto their balcony and between the beer, the stars, and the fact that i was in europe, it was amazing.

cut my own hair

I’m a poor college student, and unfortunately my hair grows at an abnormally fast rate. And after shelling out fifteen bucks every month for a haircut, I got sick of it and just bought my own trimmer. So now I either cut my hair myself, or have a suitemate do it for me in the bathroom. They look just as good, and now I can use that fifteen bucks for Netflix each month instead of getting a simple buzz cut that takes three minutes.

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