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Get back into music (read all 3 entries…)
making music!?

Finally I am going to be able to make a track!
A producer friend of mine is going to help me.
My vocals over some down-tempo , duby, glitch, grime .. Something more along the way of art.

But will be working legitly this week…
on a Hawaiian style—}”WILDFIRE” REMIX .
( original a SBTRKT track w/ Little Dragon.. )

stick to my budget (read all 3 entries…)
being unemployed helped me re discover a passion

Don’t get me wrong, being unemployed is tough.
Trust me too, when I say : growing up in a small town on Hawaii makes it even more harder! (Highest cost of living winner)

I’m not lazy, I’ve worked a solid list of jobs since / and in highschool. My last and final job impacted my life in a shitty way.
My self esteem was at the lowest level. The boss I once considered a mentor ,almost family, turned into an asshole after losing his grip on his alcohol habit. ( starting work with a beer and then ending with at least 12 beers & maybe a few glasses of wine..)
It really sucked. I tried my best & hardest . Always had a smile on even when he would put me down .. I just had to quit after a busy night then being ripped apart for asking what time I could go home (actually trying to find out so I could schedule a ride home) .

This post isn’t about that crappy experience.
In fact, I value and took information away I can use in life.

The first week I lofted around.
Second week , finished my move to a new home.
Third, cleaned the new abode.
Forth, awesome life discovery.

My passion for “budget fashion”.
I enjoyed digging through thrift store bins.
Carefully locating labels, holding for a fancy brand name.
Destaining articles of clothing.
Ahhhhhhhhhh just so relaxing , comforting, JUST the best feeling arose when I’d be able to be around clothes.
Soon I opened a Pose.com account and posting style collections.
Very soon I got noticed and my boards got tons of likes !
Its always nice to be reassured

Get back into music (read all 3 entries…)

identity .
&when you look a little closer you’ll find .

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