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stop eBaying
Ebay can be bad, or can be good.

It’s a necessary evil when I want to buy photography equip and luckily I’ve had no problems with that so far (touch wood). but when I buy other stuff that I don’t really need I get angry with myself. I also was taken advantage of a couple of times-money sent but nothing received or the item wasn’t as described, and ebay really offers no real recourse.

write a book (read all 3 entries…)
...and finding a good proofreader is hard...

Who does everybody get to read your work? I have a heck of a time cornering people to either sit and listen as I read or read it themselves when I email it to them.

write a book (read all 3 entries…)
Working on stories

The difficult thing is putting down on paper all the dreams that pop up during the night and make apparently good story ideas. I have to wake up in the night and jot this stuff down or by morning it all goes away. I am good at the dialogue but description is very challenging. It drives me crazy.

I am pleased that I have written a handful of short stories all in a couple of months. Unfortunately the readers for them would be considered a narrow market. It’s a specific subject. But the point is that I ACTUALLY completed them. Yeah, it might not be the best work on the planet but at least I finally accomplished something. When I was young, I would start stories and never finish them unless it was for an assignment or something. This time, it’s all for me.

leave my husband (read all 2 entries…)
Ahhhh heck....

This guy bought me nothing for Valentines day even though he knows me to be a hopeless romantic type who digs that sort of thing and then has been giving me the silent treatment all day today for me getting myself some Pinkberry (he doesn’t agree with that or drinking coffee ????) and for buying myself a collector’s item. He just doesn’t get the fact that all of this attitude of his is just pushing me away…it is not giving me any incentive to ‘improve’ as he puts it.

build a darkroom
I want to build a darkroom in my apartment

This will take some time. I have been trying to cobble together all the supplies. Stuff is expensive. I am going to build it in the kitchen rather than the bathroom due to spatial reasons and the fact my husband needs the bathroom in the eve. I love black and white photography. I love developing my own negs and prints and I am tired of having to go to expensive studios to do so or attend community college courses with bitchy instructors who don’t let take whatever pictures you want to take because they don’t notice that you are not a beginner and just want to use the damn darkroom.

meet Leonard Nimoy
I met my hero and wasn't disappointed.

I met him at the Hammer museum in California. He was approachable but slightly shy and quiet though gracious and easy to talk to and not at all like a typical actor type. He seemed more like an art college instructor.(with perfect teeth!) So I was able to converse with him easily enough. I was a trekkie all through my childhood and Mr. Spock was it, and now finally as an adult got to meet the guy I grew up watching on TV. Alot of Spock is in him yet he is vulnurable in a very human way.

learn hebrew (read all 2 entries…)
Tonight is my first hebrew class

At the local Synagogue I am attending the first meeting. I am excited! I am a total absolute secular Jew. My parents are secular. I know nothing about Judaism-how to properly celebrate the holidays- nor any Hebrew and I intend to recitfy that!

become a rabbi
How difficult is is to become a rabbi?

How much education does it require?

learn hebrew (read all 2 entries…)
I want to learn Hebrew

Well, I will soon. When I pony up the 350 bucks at the local synagogue for the class. :ugh: This has been something I’ve been wanting to do for a long while.

have a mini cooper
Yeah, I want a car like this.

I love Mini’s they are wonderful. Cute, and they seem safe enough.

live abroad
I've lived abroad.

I lived in Europe for 7 years. (I won’t say which specific country) I enjoyed it alot and was relatively sucessful there. Then, I moved back to the states unfortunately and married an American man. Big mistake. I’ve only been back in the states for 3 years and I’m still having trouble finding my feet. I had a boyfriend overseas that was 10 times better than the man I’m now married to. I had to leave that guy when I moved back to america. I wish I still had that guy instead of my husband. :(

start a photo journal - take at least a photo a day to represent my life
Starting a photo journal is a great Idea.

I used to do things like this when I was in Art College. I would go to the photo booth and take a photo of myself every week. (photo booths were quite prevelant in the area where I was attending school) I still have some of the pix, and it’s amazing how much my apearance changed from week to week. Sometimes I would be ill and you can see the illness in my face, or I’d be sad or tired or happy or whatever. You can see all of that even now, in the face. I think now, I wouldn’t necessarily take pix of myself, but stuff I see.

write a book (read all 3 entries…)
I would like to write Sci-Fi novels

Even since I’ve been a child I’ve wanted to write a Science Fiction novel. I’ve been an avid reader of them all my life. The problem is that I do alot of short stories that quite frankly sound rather uneducated to me. Perhaps I’m too hard on myself, but I have alot of stories lying around that I refuse to show to anyone.

I do have a degree (in art) where we had to write alot of essays and and two dissertations. But I was always being marked down for the essays not being engaging enough and too superficial. I just still feel very stupid most of the time.

I don’t know why I want to write a novel so badly, perhaps it is a little out of my league. But I am also having trouble finding what I am really good at. Perhaps I am better at writing than I give myself credit for, but I need to start putting my stuff up on something like just to get some real feedback. (my husband, forget about it. He won’t read my stories.)

leave my husband (read all 2 entries…)
My husband is like a little boy.

I have been married for 3 years. My husband used to be so self sufficient before we got married. Is is no longer the man I married. He has gradually turned into a surely, moody, LAZY little boy. He expects me to take care of him. He makes dumb mistakes that hurts us, and all he can say is “sorry!”

He expects me to wake him up for work. He works the night shift. He sets the alarm clock for himself but when it goes off he wakes up and shuts it off and oversleeps. I end up continuously having to wake him up so he doesn’t call it sick for work. He doesn’t even really want to work at all and screams at me because he has to work. He’d rather stay home and play computer games and maybe act in community theatre at night (that pays no money). He feels his working impedes his so called ‘acting career’. Well he does nothing about this ‘acting career’ it’s just all talk.

He’s let his appearance go too. He’s gained 40 lbs since we got married and dresses like a bum and won’t shave on his days off. He looks so fat and ugly and I am not attracted to him anymore. I tell him he needs to lose weight and he says that there’s nothing wrong with him. Then he has the nerve to cut down my appearance when I’ve actually lost 20lbs since we got married. I exersise and eat right and I feel he should too for me.

He is moody and often screams at me to shut up. I used to be in a choir and I quit because he didn’t want me going to rehearsal nor did he want me to practice my singing at home. He told me he hates singing, and that my voice sucked. So I believed that my singing sucked so I dropped out of choir. It was only later that people told me what a nice voice I had. Now he denys that he wanted me to drop out of choir. But when I was in it, it used to be a big problem for him.

He is so lazy that I can’t get him to even take out the trash, much less do any housework. He wants to just eat junk food all the time and doesn’t want to eat food I’ve cooked at home. It’s like he’s addicted to restaurant/fastfood and junkfood. He will only take out the trash if I tell him to. Not on his own. He will just leave it for days and let it stink. He throws a temper tantrum when I want him to clean the bathroom. He won’t walk the dog, ever, just lets the dog piss on the floor when I’m at work. So our apartment stinks of dog piss when I come home. When he uses the bathroom, he gets piss all over the floor and on the toilet seat, and leaves water everywhere on the sink and when he showers he gets it all over on the floor.

I hate having sex with him because I’m always angry at him and his idea of foreplay is to tell me he’s horny. As if I’m supposed to say: “oh you’re horny, oh okay lets do it!”. He nags me constantly for sex and when he touches me, it’s always because he wants sex. Also it’s hard to be turned on when he doesn’t take care of his appearance.

I stay with this loser because he makes good money at his job and I need him to pay half of the rent which is high. I am bideing my time to leave (though I think I am pregnant). But he calls in sick so much at work he will probably get fired. Maybe that will give me the incentive to leave.



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