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become a neko
Ahhhh....When I became a neko

Well I went to a new baby sitter, my mom hired and met a friend, a neko… She introduced me to more neko’s which became my friends, and I became a neko. My experience was amazing! <3.<3

(That picture is just a picutre of a neko I used to be! [; ))

grow my hair long
My Hair as it Grew

Well as me (Not Meiko) my dad always wanted me to have long hair, never short hair; I still have long hair.. I always said to my dad.. “Dad when can I cut my hair?” or “When can my hair be short?” He would say “Never!” or “no!” xD but haveing long charm!

I want to make a secret message so come here if u wanna find out what it is
Who else here Has their own Vocaloid character?

Hiyaa there! I’m new to 43things, I know 3 people in this thing or goal or… xD Anyway..add me or suscribe.. idk!? I’m still learning! But I am a vocaloid, obviesouly I’m Meiko Sakine!~


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