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  1. 1. Travel the World
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    21,165 people
  2. 2. Be comfortable in my body
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    21 people
  3. 3. Be in love
    805 people
  4. 4. Be healthy
    2,402 people
  5. 5. Run a half marathon
    2,500 people
  6. 6. Sing in front of a crowd
    290 people
  7. 7. Make Love
    1,312 people
  8. 8. Own a house
    2,277 people
  9. 9. Have the best birthday ever
    16 people
  10. 10. see the northern lights
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    19,131 people
  11. 11. Go on a cruise
    4,765 people
  12. 12. Shave my head
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    941 people
  13. 13. Own a horse
    767 people
  14. 14. Trust people enough to be myself
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  15. 15. get out of debt
    12,195 people
  16. 16. go on a road trip with no predetermined destination
    21,523 people
  17. 17. Exercise 4 times a week
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    190 people
  18. 18. Be a better friend
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    6,279 people
  19. 19. make people's travel dreams possible with world ventures.
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  20. 20. have an orgasm
    271 people

How I did it
How to help elect the first African American President
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Be a better friend
I know I'm selfish

It’s one of my worst character flaws. I wouldn’t consider myself to be a very good friend. I’m always thinking about myself and feel like I could honestly tell people I don’t care about them. This is one reason why I don’t make many new friends. (The other reasons are another whole issue)
If I have more friends then I have to care about them and make room for them in my life, which leaves less room for me. I’m sure this sounds horrible to those reading it, but for whatever reason it’s seems easier for me not to have friends because then I’d have to get to know them and allow them to get to know me.

I have issues.

Exercise 4 times a week!

I have a free gym membership through my school district and I just need to commit to use it more often. I’ll go for a while using it daily and then something will come up and I won’t go… so, maybe with my new bike and the gym membership I’ll get my act in gear.

Help elect the first African American President
Obama For President

I consider myself to be an independent voter but as it looks now I’m giving my full support to Obama. I understand that some believe he’s “lacking” in experience but that’s honestly part of the draw for a lot of people. He’s not seen as a “Washington Insider”. It amazes me how many advisers and such that a president has, with all the top minds in the country advising you will the fact that a person’s experience in government isn’t as long as the person they’re running against make a big difference? IDK. I just know this country needs some change.

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