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The Queen of Mean?

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go to more concerts (read all 4 entries…)
HURT...again ;o)

The Still Life
@ The Black Sheep
Colorado Springs
June 22, 2009

I didn’t think I was going to be in town so I thought I was going to miss them again this year…but we were home and I scored some tickets even though it was sold out.

find a hairstyle my hair likes as much as I do (read all 3 entries…)

Hearing about how much work people actually go through to fix their hair, I realized that it wasn’t that I was having a hard time with my hair, rather I didn’t appreciatge how easy mine actually was. I have hair that no matter how I cut it isn’t horrible, it’s soft and shiney, has a slight wave that’s easy to turn into curls but just as easily be straightened as well. I like keeping it black, that color really grew on me more than I thought it would (makes me look tough, LOL). It’s never going to have a hairstyle that is just wash and go, but I’m learning that almost nobody has that (and bald isn’t an option for me right now). I’ll just love it and leave it and worry about more important things!

finish making my bedroom into my sanctuary (read all 3 entries…)

The hubby moved my big computer armoir in there, sans computer which is now in the guest room. We have the tv in it, and it’s nice because I can shut the doors and it would APPEAR as though we don’t have a tv in our room and can relax…or something like that anyway!

own a cabin resort in the mountains with a little lake. (read all 3 entries…)

I found out that the cabins we went to this summer might possibly be for sale. It’s smaller than I imagined, and I don’t know if he really wants to sell, but even if he just wanted someone up there during the summer to get it going it would be good experience!

be a better sister and keep in touch (read all 10 entries…)

What started out as a birthday “camping” trip in November is becoming a family tradition this year. We usually rent a cabin up in the mountains for my daughter and she always wants to invite a lot of people, again this year we are making it a family thing and inviting all of my brothers and sisters and their kids. I’m not sure who will make it but at least they know I’m thinking of them and want to spend time with them.

find a hairstyle my hair likes as much as I do (read all 3 entries…)
I have discoverd...

That it does not involve bangs/fringe.

That I probably can’t do it at home all by myself.

That hair color first would probably help.

It will take me a year to grow out what I mess up on, so I need to be a little more cautious next time!

go hiking before summer is over

It wasn’t the hiking trip I was hoping for, we went walking along the river, but it was very worthwhile. I took the kids and we waded in the water, chased toads and snakes, even collected some clam shells which now rest oddly out of place on my shelf. We walked along the river and the kids climbed trees. I let Meghan learn how to cast her own fishing pole (I’d say I taught her except that infers I passed along immense knowledge…she pretty much knew as much as I did, just never had been given the chance to use it) and at one point all the kids had a pole in the water, no small feat with 5 of them!

try kayaking again.

I found out that they had lessons, $125 at the YMCA, but they’re already over. The girl I talked to didn’t know when the next ones were going to start, but at least I know where to look!

compile a list of good hiking trails for hiking with kids around Southcentral and Southeastern Colorado.

I’ve bought a few books on this, but all of them are missing something. Either they’re nowhere near where we are (Southern Colorado=Durango for most of them) or they don’t realize that kids need short easy hike to “see something”. It can be a waterfall, a creek, anything as long as there’s an actual destination, scenery isn’t enough for them.

blindly pick a place on the map and visit it
Starting Local...

For next Saturday, finding any waterfall on my Trails Illustrated Map #138

make a duct-tape corset/bustier

It was a project for my daughter’s drama class and we worked on it together, it turned out awesome once we found some good plans!

find the perfect dog for me (read all 4 entries…)
Our new puppy is awesome!

I was so hesitant to get a puppy instead of a dog, but I couldn’t imagine him not being around. He’s the perfect mix of mellow dog and playful puppy. The kids love him (he’s a puppy, so of course they do) and he’s so good with them, especially for a puppy. He doesn’t run away and he’s got the best facial expressions. And since we’ve gotten him, our beagle has mellowed out a lot too wich is nice. I still miss Mopar so much, but it’s nice to have a friend again!

go camping 3 times this summer (read all 2 entries…)
Near Cotopaxi, Colorado

It was a campground, but it was a beautiful campground! The kids all caught fish (we even ate some for dinner, which impressed the heck out of them!) My Mom said she thinks the owner might be selling it, I think I want to look into that a little more…

get my tattoo (read all 2 entries…)

I went to lunch yesterday with Pam and she showed me her new tattoo. She is someone that I would definitely call my peer so it totally reaffirms that I don’t have to feel bad for wanting mine. It was bigger than I want mine (maybe?), but I know that if she can do it so can I. Thanks for being an inspiration Pamela Jamela!!!

be a better sister and keep in touch (read all 10 entries…)

I’ve started texting my brothers when I have not much to say. I think they like it, they always respond.

Mail small random notes, trinkets and gifts to my family and friends

Inspired by the tea set that Ru ~ breathe deeper recieved. I think everyone loves getting a package, even better when it’s unexpected. It doesn’t matter how small or trivial it might be, it’s more that they know I was thinking of them enough to take the time.

finish making my bedroom into my sanctuary (read all 3 entries…)
New bedding...

It came in but is a different color of “sage” green than the walls… I love the bedding more than I like the walls so I think I’m going to do something different with the paint (a little faux finish over the green maybe???). I also found a couple of lamps for $7 that match the bedding perfectly. It’s coming together…slow but sure.

be confident that I AM being myself (read all 2 entries…)

I’d rather you hate me for something that I am than to ever love me for something that I’m not.

There are enough good things about me that I shouldn’t have to try so hard to fit in with people just to hang out with them. If they don’t like me because I’m not like them, then they don’t really like me at all. And it’s okay if there are people that don’t like me (something I haven’t really learned to accept…YET).

finish making my bedroom into my sanctuary (read all 3 entries…)

I painted it green and ordered new bedding…it’s a start!

Keep pushing for our roller derby team to keep moving forward until it actually competes in a bout! (read all 4 entries…)
It was so much fun!

We won, 70 to 49. It went by so fast, once you were out there you didn’t even notice the people all around. We even got an invite to play against one of the Denver home teams next Feb. I can’t wait!!!

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