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  1. 1. i would love to find my dad
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  2. 2. get my boyfriend back
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hike the appalachian trail
Hiking the app trail

About a year ago I hiked the App. Trail and it was so worth doing…we first started out at Buena Vista point in Virginia. We hiked up to 50 miles a week..that is like 9-10 miles a day that we were hiking..Of course we did break and sleep, every once in a while though! I encourage anyone interested in hiking, to take this breathtaking expierence..also it can become a walk with God!

i would love to find my dad
Finding my dad

Ever since I was little I have wanted to know who my dad is…unfortunatly my mom doesnt remember or has been lying to me because of all the drugs she has done! I wish I could just find him…not for money..not for support…just to know who my dad is! I want to get closure about the whole “where is your dad”. I would love to get advice from others who having the same problem and to know how they handle it~


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