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How to visit the Grand Canyon
It took me
20 years
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How to make new friendships
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10 months
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How to win a Regional Bridge Tournament
It took me
6 months
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Visit Graceland
I'm Going

Going to Graceland in May to celebrate 25th anniversary.

figure out what i want to do with my life
How I'm trying to do what I want

I’ve decided to retire at age 60 and devote all my time to doing things I enjoy. This will evolve over time. I’ve had to overcome my guilt and my wife’s objections to get to this point—but I have ENOUGH money and don’t really enjoy business, so why continue to do it? So, I thing I’m going to do is to start to play bridge again (I was an expert but gave it up 25+ years ago when I married a non-player) and maybe will teach it some. I’m also going to make a concerted effort to make some new male friends.

live in the present and forget the past
Stay in the Present

Do not dwell on past failures or disappointments—the future begins today.

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