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  1. 1. Read more books
    11,845 people
  2. 2. Visit Costa Rica (again)
    10 people
  3. 3. make a difference
    7,145 people
  4. 4. meet new people
    4,423 people
  5. 5. exercise regularly
    10,861 people
  6. 6. Read the Bible
    3,791 people
  7. 7. Drive across the USA
    2,149 people
  8. 8. Go on a road trip
    3,818 people
  9. 9. Visit Japan
    5,969 people
  10. 10. Lose 30 pounds
    5,643 people
  11. 11. learn to dance
    7,168 people
  12. 12. see the Democratic Party reinvent itself and take back America!
    322 people
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visit Costa Rica

So beautiful.

Learn Spanish
I'm not fluent...

...but I’d love to be. I’ve graduated college, so I have to keep my skills sharp. I’m trying to review stuff a few times a week. I wish I had native Spanish speakers to hang out with and practice.

Very cool

I meditated as part of a class in college on Eastern religions. I didn’t think it would work, but after about 10 minutes, I started to feel disconnected from my body. It was an exhilerating feeling. I haven’t been able to replicate it on my own, but I really want to.

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