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I'm doing 6 things

mmphosis's Life List

  1. 1. live
    1 entry . 1 cheer
    2,114 people
  2. 2. breathe
    263 people
  3. 3. embrace
    9 people
  4. 4. smile
    1 cheer
    661 people
  5. 5. Become Financially Independent
    6,719 people
  6. 6. upgrade our old laptop into a mean, lean, Linux machine
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stop biting my nails
I've stopped biting my nails!

I am months now with beautiful nails. I went and got a manicure months ago. And, now when my nails get long I trim them back with nail clippers. Investing in a little nail kit is worth it, and so is getting a manicure.

upgrade our old laptop into a mean, lean, Linux machine
inventory -- Toshiba Satellite Pro 440CDX


  • Processors: 1 Intel Pentium, 132 Mhz, no cache
  • Memory: 48.0 MB RAM
  • Storage Devices: (bootable) CD-ROM, hard disk, USB jump drive, no floppy drive
  • Toshiba CD-ROM XM-1502BN, Firmware revision: 1001
  • Generic IDE DISK TYPE01: Standard IDE/ESDI Hard Disk Controller
    * Input/Output Range: 01F0 – 01F7
    * Input/Output Range: 03F6 – 03F6
    * Interrupt Request: 14
    * C:
    * Label: TOSHIBA440
    * File system: FAT
    * Used space: 1,132,036,096 bytes (1.05GB)
    * Free space: 310,738,944 bytes (296 MB)
    * Capacity: 1,442,775,040 bytes (1.34GB)
    • Standard IDE/ESDI Hard Disk Controller
    • Input/Output Range: 0170 – 0177
    • Input/Output Range: 0376 – 0377
    • Interrupt Request: 15
    * Standard Floppy Disk Controller
    * Input/Output Range: 03F2 – 03F5
    * Input/Output Range: 03F7 – 03F7
    * Interrupt Request: 06
    * Direct Memory Access: 02
  • Chips and Technology 65554 PCI
    * Hardware version: 194
    * Memory Range: 000A0000 – 000AFFFF
    * Memory Range: 000B0000 – 000BFFFF
    * Input/Output Range: 03B0 – 03BB
    * Input/Output Range: 03C0 – 03DF
    * Memory Range: FE000000FEFFFFFF
    * Memory Range: 000E4000 – 000EDBFF
    * Memory Range: 03040000 – 0307FFFF
    * Features: DirectDraw 1.00
    * 800×600 64K Colors (43h)
    * ? (60Hz)
  • Plug and Play Monitor
  • Standard 101/102-Key or Microsoft Natural Keyboard
    * Input/Output Range: 0060 – 0060
    * Input/Output Range: 0064 – 0064
    * Interrupt Request: 01
  • WheelMouseIM (PS/2)
    * Manufacturer: Toshiba
    * Driver: Logitech
    * Interrupt Request: 12
    * Labtec Wheel Mouse
  • Network Adaptors
    * Instant Wireless – Network PC CARD
    * Input/Output Range: 0240 – 027F
    * Interrupt Request: 09
    * Toshiba FIR Port Type-U
    * Input/Output Range: 02F8 – 02FF
    * Interrupt Request: 10
    * Input/Output Range: 0300 – 030F
    * Interrupt Request: 07
  • PCMCIA socket
    * PCIC or compatible PCMCIA controller
    * Input/Output Range: 03E0 – 03E1
    * PCMCIA Card Services
    * Setting based on: Basic configuration 0000
    * Memory Range: 000D6000 – 000D6FFF
  • Infrared Communication Device
  • Infrared Communication Device
  • Modem
    * Parallel cable on LPT1
    * ECP Printer Port (LPT1)
    * Use flow control: Hardware (RTS/CTS)
    • Parallel cable on LPT3
    • Virtual Infrared Printer Port (LPT1)
      * Use flow control: Hardware (RTS/CTS)
    • Serial cable on COM1
      * Communications Port (COM1)
      * Maximum speed: 19200
      * Data bits: 8
      * Parity: None
      * Stop bits: 1
      * Port Settings: Use FIFO buffers (requires 16550 compatible UART)
      * Receive Buffer: Low (1) I-I-V-I High (14)
      * Transmit Buffer: Low (1) I-I-I-V High (16)
      * Use flow control: Hardware (RTS/CTS)
    • Serial cable on COM4
      * Virtual Infrared COM Port
      * Maximum speed: 19200
      * Data bits: 8
      * Parity: None
      * Stop bits: 1
      * Port Settings: Use FIFO buffers (requires 16550 compatible UART)
      * Receive Buffer: Low (1) I-I-V-I High (14)
      * Transmit Buffer: Low (1) I-I-I-V High (16)
      * Use flow control: Hardware (RTS/CTS)
  • Ports (COM & LPT)
    * Communications Port (COM1)
    * Input/Output Range: 03F8 – 03FF
    * Interrupt Request: 04
    * Bits per second: 19200
    * Data bits: 8
    * Parity: None
    * Stop bits: 1
    * Flow control: Xon/Xoff
    * Port Settings: Use FIFO buffers (requires 16550 compatible UART)
    * Receive Buffer: Low (1) I-I-V-I High (14)
    * Transmit Buffer: Low (1) I-I-I-V High (16)
    * ECP Printer Port (LPT1)
    * Input/Output Range: 0378 – 037A
    * Input/Output Range: 0778 – 077A
    * Interrupt Request: 07
    * Direct Memory Access: 03
    * Virtual Infrared COM Port
    * Virtual Infrared LPT Port
  • YAMAHA OPL3-SAx WDM Driver
    * Input/Output Range: 0220 – 022F
    * Input/Output Range: 0530 – 0537
    * Input/Output Range: 0388 – 038B
    * Input/Output Range: 0330 – 0331
    * Input/Output Range: 0370 – 0371
    * Interrupt Request: 05
    * Direct Memory Access: 01
    * Direct Memory Access: 00
  • Universal Serial Bus Controllers
    * NEC USB Open Host Controller (E5-E11)
    * Bandardwidth consuming devices:
    * System reserved: 10%
    * Interrupt Request: 11
    * Memory Range: FDFFF000FDFFFFFF
    * USB Root Hub
    * Power:
    * The hub is self powered.
    * Total power available: 500mA per port
    * Devices on this Hub
    * 2 port(s) available.: 0mA
  • System Devices
  • Advanced Power Management support
    * APM version: 1.2
  • APM Battery Slot
  • APM Battery Slot
  • Composite Power Source
  • Direct Memory Access Controller
    * Input/Output Range: 0000 – 000F
    * Input/Output Range: 0081 – 0083
    * Input/Output Range: 0087 – 0087
    * Input/Output Range: 0089 – 008B
    * Input/Output Range: 008F – 008F
    * Input/Output Range: 00C0 – 00DF
    * Direct Memory Access: 04
  • Motherboard resources
    * Input/Output Range: 0080 – 0080
    * Input/Output Range: 0084 – 0086
    * Input/Output Range: 0088 – 0088
    * Input/Output Range: 008C – 008E
    * Input/Output Range: 00E0 – 00EF
    * Input/Output Range: 00B0 – 00B2
    * Input/Output Range: 0024 – 0025
    * Input/Output Range: 002E – 002F
    * Input/Output Range: 1882 – 1885
    * Input/Output Range: 1888 – 188D
    * Input/Output Range: 0480 – 048F
    * Input/Output Range: 0CF8 – 0CFF
    * Input/Output Range: 04D0 – 04D1
  • Numeric data processor
    * Always use the numeric data processor
    * Input/Output Range: 00F0 – 00FF
    * Interrupt Request: 13
  • PCI bus
    * Device enumeration: Use Hardware
    * IRQ Steering
    * Use IRQ Steering: Yes
    * Get IRQ table using ACPI BIOS: Yes
    * Get IRQ table using MS Specification table: Yes
    * Get IRQ table from Protected Mode PCIBIOS 2.1 call: No
    * Get IRQ table from Real Mode PCIBIOS 2.1 call: Yes
  • Plug and Play BIOS
    * Disable NVRAM / ESCD updates: No
  • Processor Support
  • Programmable Interrupt Controller
    * Input/Output Range: 0020 – 0021
    * Input/Output Range: 00A0 – 00A1
    * Interrupt Request: 02
  • System Board
  • System board extension for PnP BIOS
    * Memory Range: 00000000 – 0009FFFF
    * Memory Range: 000F0000 – 000FFFFF
    * Memory Range: 00100000 – 0301FFFF
    * Memory Range: FFF00000FFFFFFFF
  • System CMOS/real time clock
    * Input/Output: 0070 – 0071
    * Interrupt Request: 08
  • System speaker
    * Input/Output: 0061 – 0061
  • System timer
    * Input/Output: 0040 – 0043
    * Interrupt Request: 00
  • Toshiba CPU to PCI bridge
    * Manufacturer: Toshiba
    * Hardware version: 039
  • startup notes:
    * Toshiba Video BIOS 2.10
    * Press ESC to enter BIOS. (then press F1)
    * BIOS version = 6.90
  • the PCMCIA network card is a Linksys WPC11 (probably version 1)

cycle across Canada

At the beginning of May 2005, I cycled from mile 0 in Victoria to Swartz Bay. I took the ferry to Saltspring Island and through to Crofton. I cycled north trying to pick up the TransCanada trail south of Nanaimo I got offtrack on logging roads, cutblocks, and shotgun shells. I kept going, Nanaimo and further north and then on the ferry across to Denman Island, and Hornby and back to Denman and back to Vancouver Island. I cycled further north to Campbell River across by ferry to Quadra, and Cortez to Hollyhock and back again to Campbell River where I changed the knobbies on my mountain bike for road tires. The wind picked up and I cycled north with the wind all the way to Port MacNeil, Port Hardy, and Port Alice. From where I cycled into the land of cougars and camped out beside lakes. I cycled back to Victoria via the Malahat. I changed the rims (tires) on my bike. After sleeping wet, I decided to buy a small hammock tent. I shed a lot of gear. And, trimmed down to a small pack on the back fender rack, my winter sleeping bag, and the hammock tent.

From mile 0, Victoria, BC, again I proceeded to cycle back through Saltspring, Nanaimo and across by ferry to Horseshoe Bay, Vancouver, and out of the blue I crossed paths with my cousin in Maple Creek. At some point in there I took a short ferry across a river. I tried to follow the so-called Transcanada trail. I got lost. I got back on roads. I camped.

I cycled up the Coquahalla. On the way up, raining off and on, I met a family of five cyclists going across the country. Once, at the top on the way to Merritt and with some encouragement from the other cyclists, I realized I could probably do that too. I kept on cycling, slept under the stars beside a lake, Kamloops, Revelstoke, and on to the Roger’s pass where I was going really fast down the mountain. I probably cycled over 200km a day at that point, through Banff National Park, Calgary, Alberta and onto Medicine Hat where I stayed in the cheapest motel for $30. The next day, I met two Quebecois cross country cyclists, and I met other cross country cyclists along the way. I cycled with the girls for about three days. We separated before Moose Jaw and I went on to Regina and Moosomee. The next day the wind shifted right around out of the east, I think because of effects of hurricane Dennis. The mosquitoes were thick in Manitoba, the water flooded the fields right up to the Transcanada highway which was two-way paved rubble with no shoulder. Huge trucks would pass by giving me the entire lane when they could otherwise they would gently honk their horns well beforehand to give warning. I would move right to the shoulder to give room. On through flooded Winnipeg I went and into northern Ontario where I swam in the lakes and enjoyed seeing trees once again.

I ate blueberries. I camped. I cycled. Before Thunder Bay, I met cyclists from a club who wished me well. Onward, Terry Fox, Marathon, and Michipicoten River, and I arrived at Sault-Ste-Marie where I stayed in the hostel for a night. And onwards to the crossroads on highway 17, and down to Manitoulin Island, and across on the ferry to the Bruce. And, through Wasaga, and I arrived at to meet my brother-in-law. Fancy that riding all the way from BC. I relaxed a few weeks with relatives and then got on the trails in Ontario, for the roads were too busy. Orrillia, Coboconk, Peterborough, and tiny obscure beautiful towns all the way to Ottawa, to Gatineau, back to Ottawa and along the river to Oka, Quebec! And into a rainstorm from the effects of Katrina which I would not realize the news of until my arrival at relatives in New Brunswick. Across the bridge to PEI which I was one day after the Terry Fox walk across the bridge. From PEI back to the mainland Nova Scotia by ferry and onto Cape Breton. I took the last ferry of the season from North Sydney to Argentia, Newfoundland. I was ecstatic. I cycled to St. John’s and a few days later I arrived at Cape Spear.

I left Newfoundland taking my mountain bike on a plane on October 9th, 2005.

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