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Have FUN with my kids and be more patient with them
Have FUN with my boys

Sometimes I get so wrapped up in my own things and in keeping the house clean that I forget to have fun with my kids! I want to connect with them and have fun with them, and not feel like I’m always frustrated with them for making a mess. My kids are so much fun to be around and to talk to, I want to enjoy them while they are still young! I am going to have fun with my kids every day and be more patient in the process!

make it a habit

Every night after the kids go down (around 8:00), I want to eat! I don’t think I’m actually hungry, I think it’s just my way of relaxing. I’ve always struggled with being hungry at night, but all I need to do is stop eating after a certain time and then it just becomes a habit and it’s easy to do! Lately I’ve been allowing myself a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich, or a mini bag of popcorn, but I just want to cut out eating after 8:00 all together because sometimes my “allowed treats” just lead to more snacking and make me more hungry. So my goal is to go 1 month without eating after 8:00. I’ll take a bath or play Guitar Hero instead.

eat healthy
no treats till Easter

I hate the way I feel when I eat crappy foods! I feel so good when I eat healthy and watch what I eat. I want to have at least 5 veggies and fruits a day, 2-3 dairy products, and take my vitamins every day. Once I stop eating treats and junk foods, I don’t crave them anymore. My goal is to not have any junk until Easter (I love my Cadbury mini eggs…)
I want to eat healthy foods for the rest of my life!

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