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  1. 1. lose 15 pounds
    3,478 people
  2. 2. read Anna Karenina
    190 people
  3. 3. Read The brothers Karamazov
    74 people
  4. 4. practice yoga daily
    399 people
  5. 5. Go running everyday
    75 people
  6. 6. read 4 books a week
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  7. 7. clean my room
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    2,793 people
  8. 8. Lose 10 pounds
    6,361 people
  9. 9. lose 5 pounds
    1,228 people
  10. 10. get my driver's license
    5,152 people
  11. 11. learn to dance and not be embarrased to dance
    605 people
  12. 12. Do my homework when i say i'll do it
    2 people
  13. 13. learn to cook well
    350 people
  14. 14. not eat junkfood
    1 person
  15. 15. solve a rubiks cube
    456 people
Recent entries
clean my room
It's getting there...

My uncleanable room is almost clean!! Well, it’s like normal person messy, which is a lot better than before. I organized my DVDs and some of my clothes so you can actually get into the room without stepping on stuff. Give it one more day and I think it will actually be sort of CLEAN!

get into college
This too shall pass...

I never thought the pressure and craziness of completing my college apps and getting into college would ever end, but it finally did. And somehow I got into my dream school even though my grades and scores were below the average (Thank you NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts!). So, now that it’s all over, I’m very thankful I went through with actually applying to my reach school. I’d also recommend that others go for the schools they want despite the odds of actually getting in. And for any other seniors who are really losing their minds over this process, just remember that it will all be over soon enough.


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