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love it!

I think I’ve been taking classes for about 3 years now and this year I started performing! It’s great! Bellydancing has changed my life and most importantly, the way I see myself and my body. I always struggled with low self-esteem but taking these classes has really helped me find my beauty and my confidence. I’m grateful to my teachers and the women in my classes. It’s really empowering to be in a room with women of all ages and sizes dancing and looking beautiful. Yesterday we were asked to dance in the park for a fundraiser…it was wonderful!

dress well
evolution over time

a few years ago I went to a Burlesque Yoga workshop. the wonderful teacher, Little Woo, had us bring two items from our wardrobe: something yummy and something yucky. I realised then that I didn’t really have many yummy pieces and although I wouldn’t say that my clothes were yucky, they certainly weren’t yummy. I didn’t think much of this until a year later when I took another course with her and I recalled this exercise. I saw that my wardrobe had changed dramatically and I was now dressing myself very differently. I had begun to see myself as a canvas and that I could wear whatever I liked. I even started going to costume parties and building a tickle trunk, because it’s fun! Now I can say that I love my wardrobe and I love adorning myself and I love dressing up! Yay for yummy clothes!

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a few years on...

I’m still taking classes and loving every single one. Last fall, after a wild summer of going to music festivals I asked myself: “What do you want?” and a little voice said: “I want to perform!” Oh! OK! So I went about my business and continued taking classes and by December I got up on stage and performed and since then I have performed three more times! I now have a dance partner and a troupe name: Copper Moon and we’re putting together more music and moves for upcoming performances! Yay!

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