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Give one really memorable speech.

I dont know if mine would really count but i’ll always remember it. I had to tell all the Jr. High band kids why they should join marching band. Marching band is very big at our school (at least in the music department) and something very dear to my heart. So I gave one heart felt speech and we had more recruitments than ever before. They now call me the head of the Recruitment department. I don’t remember half the stuff I said but it did start with.. “Band camp changed my life…”

have an Irish accent

it kind of goes along with my other goal to live in ireland. but i dont think it’ll be too hard, when i hang out with people with accents i start pick it up within like ten minutes. haha.

See Dropkick Murphys live on St. Patrick Day

I have alot of random things I want to do on St. Patrick’s Day, but since I heard Dropkick Murphys this has been one of them. Looking forward to it :)


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