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  1. 1. become a journalist
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  2. 2. Be a photographer
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  3. 3. get a better job
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  4. 4. visit japan
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  5. 5. get a cell phone
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  6. 6. get a Nintendo DS
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  7. 7. play the viola better
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  8. 8. play in a viola ensemble this year
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get a better job
now i need one.

okay. so i had my first job at mcdonalds, which was okayy, but not what i was really looking for as a ‘money maker’.

so then i tried kroger. not fun at all. drama, laziness, all that good stuff. so i sorta ‘quit’.

now i need a new job. something fuun. something that requires energy. something that i love to do…

but what?
=/ hmmm…

play in a symphony
well. one 'thing' down.

i finally decided it was time to join.

so i just walked in, said my name, and played.

now im a member of the mso [mesquite symphony orchestra]

sweet =]

finish reading "The Grapes Of Wrathes"

this is the most BORING book I have ever read…(expect “My Antonia”)

I have to finish this book before school starts in late August for my AP English class.
Right now Im at chapter 13…and theres 30 freakin’ chapters!!!

I hope I can do this…


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