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  1. 1. Have a lucid dream
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  2. 2. Find the Beauty in all people.
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  3. 3. run a four minute mile
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How I did it
How to befriend three new forward-minded people.
It took me
30 days
It made me

How to overcome fast food cravings.
It took me
90 days
It made me

How to release Guilt and Anger
It took me
90 days
It made me

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run a four minute mile

While I was in the US Army, I ran a mile in just over four minutes.

It only happened once and I have to admit, it was a rare feat.

So, after several car accidents and a medical separation from the Army, I am on a challenge.

I would love for anyone’s advice.

Find the Beauty in all people.
Is this possible?

Could I really find the beauty in all people? There are so many reasons to hate, despise or ignore people.

People make so many mistakes, back-stab and hurt others.

Is it possible to really appreciate people like Hitler, or serial killers?

Overcome fast food cravings.
When my cravings started.

When I was growing up, my dad would let me eat at a fast food restaurant two or three times a year.

Then joining the Army, I was eating out every week. After a few years, it became a habit.

After the Army, with me busy a lot and on the road, it is just so much easier to drive through, grab food, and eat it.

It finally turned into a craving.

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