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  1. 1. graduate high school
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  2. 2. move to London
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  3. 3. publish a book
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  4. 4. Learn to play the guitar
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  5. 5. See Cirque du Soleil
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  6. 6. take a walk every day
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take a walk every day

I’m certain that it will be hard because where I’m taking two honors classes and when I get home from school I’m always so exhausted, but I really want to be a healthier person and since I’m not all too athletic, then taking a walk daily is my only choice. Plus, my dad always complains that I don’t get outside enough, so this will be a way to get him off my case.

See Cirque du Soleil

I remember seeing part of a video in seventh grade…. It was really amazing and simply breathtaking. It makes me wonder how something so complicated is done and performed. The video was amazing, I can only imagine how great it would be live.

I remember that when my music teacher showed us a video of it, my best friend said that it was alien porn. Yeahh…. He really knows how to screw up a wet dream.

Learn to play the guitar

I’ve been wanting to learn guitar for awhile. One of my ex-boyfriend’s plays and he loves it. He said I should totally try it out and he also said that one day he’d teach me. But then we broke up.

Now that I’m in highschool, next year, when I’m a sophomore, I have the option of learning guitar as an elective. So I’ll be taking that course, definitely.

My dad said that when we have enough money that he would buy me the guitar that I wanted. That guitar would be a Hello Kitty pink and black Fender.

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