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It’s Christmas Eve. I feel that I am little bit lonely.
Am I too old to catch up modern life? What can I do about it?
I just got confused about my life. one side of myself, I want to show off what I have and my abilities, and another side of myself, I am shy to show them off. I want to the person that I am afraid to be. I do not know the world is crazy or I am. I got to change my attitude to adopt my new life. I could not depend on any one else.

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loose my interests a bit

I have been playing sax for 5 month. I felt I could hardly to continue doing that, because i lost interests.

write my dairy daily (read all 2 entries…)

I just found that my life is so hard to deal with. I’ve tried to rescue my marriage, and it did not have any sign of imporvement. I’ve tried to designed a nice garden, and felt I just could not get there. hand to heart, I did my best to challenge myself. I just wouldn’t get there. I am not giving it up. May be i am a perfectism person. If I could not do it, then I won’t say it. I do my best to make a better life. My husand stopped my dream. He bought a second hand car for me as birthday gift 2 years ago. I said thanks for him. finial got my full driving licence to drive it on. we bought the house together. At first sight, I dislike it so much. however, as far as i concerned, if we deco by ourselves, then the house will add more value when the housing market going up. I’ve tried so hard to change it around. It’s my dream and a project. He just tried to desory it. He could not do any house deco till i asked him

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