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stop biting my fingernails (read all 2 entries…)
Back to the drawing board

I was doing really well until last week and in one evening managed to nibble my way through both hands – yuk!

See Derby County play in the premiership next season
Not this year

OK. So we fell at the next to last hurdle with Preston beating us into the final against the Hammers. Still the team have come a long way in one season and no one would have thought we’d have made it this far.
So this remains on 43 things until next year…...

Re-discover the beauty of the Spanish language (read all 2 entries…)
Essential Spanish

Dusted off the old paperback “Essential Spanish” and started to have a read through it – what a lot I’ve forgotten. To be honest this isn’t the way to go about learning a language (though it might be good for passing exams!) and I need to a) be amongst Spanish-speaking people (preferable) or b) get myself along to a decent tutor (probably not as much fun) as well as c) listen to lots of music.

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