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i remember seeing shirts like that when i was kid. I dont want to wear my heart on my sleeve anymore, it seems i share too much. Im not sure why, but I know I want to change that part of me that some days seems to haunt me. I feel like my atmosphere is very negative at times and because I thrive on my atmosphere, I become weak in those times. I need to find the strength to change that and become more confident. As i write this, I know that Im alot stronger than I used to be. Im certainly not where I want to be in life and I wonder if that plays a big role in things. Part of my judgements come from jealousy and part of my judgement comes from the way someone presents themselves. They can never be combined as the judgement takes on a role of itself. After all that is said, I know in my heart that I need to stop. I feel as though I have created a habit that has lasted most of my life, so I need to treat like a habit. I need to remind myself that I am not perfect and I need to start loving people through there faults, flaws and victories. I thought I was pretty secure till I messed up a few weeks ago. I feel like I cant forgive myself and Im not sure how to fix it. I will take the right steps today and stop by the library and get a book on the subject of becoming more positive…..


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