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  1. 1. get physics degree
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  2. 2. give up alcohol
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  3. 3. stop smoking
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  4. 4. get out of debt
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  5. 5. meditate daily
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  6. 6. study maths at least one hour each day
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  7. 7. Study every day
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  8. 8. Study more
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  9. 9. give up chess for one month
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meditate daily (read all 2 entries…)
4 months

it’s been 4 months now – most days one 15 minute session in the morning and one last thing at night. i think it’s worthwhile: much less anxious, more productive (i think), and my short-term memory seems better. also, weirdly, my dreams are more colourful, eventful, interesting

good luck all

meditate daily (read all 2 entries…)
how is it going?

more than two months in, and i extended from 20 mins a day to 30 mins a day a few weeks ago. i have tried to be true to my resolve, and i have missed only one day.

some meditations have been good, where i felt that my mind was still and tranquil; most are still punctuated by long bouts of daydreaming or blankouts in awareness. however, i think the very fact of sticking to meditation, even through periods of boredom and wishing to get up and do something else, has been very helpful. i think i am more productive as a result, more focused and decidedly less anxious. it is a little like having found untapped reserves of willpower, but not quite: it’s more like unpleasant tasks have become less unpleasant and i can do them with less effort, less avoidance, less dislike

i’ll keep at it – hope you all do too

give up alcohol (read all 3 entries…)
reporting in

it’s how many months, now? four or five. do i miss it? not at all

am sleeping better and thinking better, and probably making better life decisions as a result

i was never an addict, i guess, in the aa sense of the word, but giving up was life changing; my social life – almost barren in the first place – no longer exists. but the trade-off in terms of less anxiety and self-doubt, greater self-confidence, and best of all, a clear head, has been worth it

to anyone struggling through the first bitter month or so of giving up – keep working, it gets easier, it WILL make you happier

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