work for WETA digital

I’m surprised anyone else knew about this place…I would LOVE to work here, I’m totally into making things on a computer…I intend to go to a college that allows me to enhance those skills…WOO HOO!

try smoking

I was at a party recently with my friends, and was offered by my friend…it was pretty different from anything I’ve ever tried, and I actually liked it. I only tried it once, ‘cause my friend ran off to find someone else, and it was the last one he had…Damnit…>< Well, I’ll just have to find him again later and do that again…

Yes you guys, it is a terrbile thing to get into, but it’s worth trying at least once…

Get a tattoo
2*R or SuFi

If I could get a tattoo/s, I would get a ‘2*R’ on my left middle finger on the inside of the finger. (SEE PICTURE) Why? Pete Wentz has the same one. What does it mean? ‘Second Star To The Right’ from Peter Pan…Plus side? That’s my favorite character EVER. So it fits. And I love Pete Wentz. ^^

I would also get a ‘SuFi’, but I don’t really know where I’d put it…probably on the small of my back or right below my pants line on my stomach. What is a SuFi, you ask? A Super Finger, aka FUCK YOU or I LOVE YOU SO FUCKIN MUCH! As created by the Wonderful Dane Cook. :D

sleep with pete wentz

Who the hell WOULDN’T want to sleep with this wonderful man? Oh, wait, don’t just sleep with him, make fricken love to the guy! Gosh, sorry, a little carried away. :D

Take more pictures
I Want My Camera Back!

If only my sister would give up our digital camera from her clutches, I would totally give in to this goal. I love taking pictures, even bad ones. It still saves a moment. I just hate it when my sister has the damn moments and I’m forced to try and remember them, me and my stupid short term memory…><

meet Kim from America's Next Top Model Cycle 5

She’s a wonderful model, literally a role model for me, and I love her style! I want her hair so bad!!! GOSH! I was rooting for her from the beginning…



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