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have babies
Be willing to put yourself on pause

I have three, the last one a girl not really planned for, but when you start, it is very hard to stop! It’s pretty magic watching their personalities take root, small copies of you running amok around the house. Just remember that it is hard work too, alot of sleepless nights, and it can be hard to put your own dreams and wants on hold (trust me, you have to). I would recommend living alot and be secure in yourself before you get children, and I also helps if you have close friends and family close by to help out. And you have to be patient to be a parent. Today I tried reading a short text, perhaps 300 words, and it almost took me half an hour, because there are constant distractions, kids wanting this and that and falling over and pulling your sleve constantly. It is VERY frustrating, so my trick is usually to not plan any tasks that actually needs quiet/consentration, until the kids are in bed.

learn fencing
The Speed of dark

I read The Speed of dark by Elizabeth Moon recently, and I really wanted to take up fencing afterwards. I will probably have forgotten all about this wish in a few weeks :)

learn the thriller dance routine

I remember recording it, but it was so scary that I only could watch small segments of it at the time.

go to burning man
Looks fantastic

But I read it wasn’t very child friendly, and I would love to bring mine.

Try acid
Please don't

Been there, done that, so please trust me when I say this: Don’t.

travel to New York
I heart New York!

I only had four days there, in 2006, but it is still one of my favorite cities, mostly because of the people, who are really friendly and talkative, but in a very peculiar and almost hostile way! I would love to go back, especially if I could visit someone who live there, someone who could tell me where the best delis are :) Yum!
I was there for a FlashForward conference, but only had time for a few touristy things, like the Empire State building, the Staten Island Ferry (see image), the New York Public library, Guggenheim, etc, but what I like best is just walking around gawking at high buildings and walking into streetlights like an idiot. Some of my favorite momemts where getting caught in a sudden rainstorm in Chinatown, and taking refuge in a small fishstore with lots of other people, watching people wading through the ancle deep water and improvising umbrellas with soggy newspapers. I have never seen so much rainfall, it was simply stunning, and wonderful, everyone smiling and watching the havoc in the street outside, the garbage bags floating away like flotsam. Another moment was on the Staten Island ferry. I can’t remember if it was the same day, but the horison was dark, and as we where nearing shore on the return trip a wind started to blow, and this girl took a few steps out on the deck, out of the shelter, and played with the wind, beautiful, looking like a galleon figurehead, daring the wind to knock her over. I took a few pictures, and looked back at the people waiting for the ferry to dock, everyone smiling and watching her instead of the statue of liberty.

Get a tattoo

I had a “religious period” when I was 17/18 and read alot of different texts, the old and new testament, buddhism, hinduism, etc. I was living in the US at the time, in 90/91, and it was a time of pretty violent imagery on CNN and in the news papers, with the first Iraqi invation going on, so I suppose I was trying to figure out the meaning of it all, and like every other kid: My role in it all. I also borrowed a few books on Taoism from my school library, and for some reason it resonated with me. I read til I felt I understood the concepts, the prinsiples of the universe trying to find a balance in everything, and I boiled it down to one little sentence: After rain comes shine.
a while later I got my first and last tattoo, a jin and yang symbol on my solar plexus (placed on one of the chacras, and a quite painful place to get a tattoo, I found out later). It felt good, it felt like I had completed something important. I suppose I could have chosen a sligtly less cheesy symbol, lets face it, the jin and yang is a pretty used up symbol, but for me, at that time, it made perfect sense, a permanent reminder, a portable, compact philosophical ruleset branded into me.
Now, I seldom think about it, I usually forget that it is there, but there is a sentence I never forget: After rain comes shine.

Read more
On pause

I used to read ALOT of novels, but at one point I grew to impatient , spending my free time one movies and downloaded television shows. But this christmas I read two good ones that I would like to recommend: The first, Altered Carbon, by Richard Morgan. If you’re not a fan of hardcore cyberpunk then this one is not for you, but I loved it, violent as hell, and with all the wonderful little technical ideas that make science fiction so enjoyable. The other book, The Speed of Dark by Elizabeth Moon is a book I want to recommend to EVERYONE, it is beautifully written, heartwarming, infuriating, provoking, titilating, etc etc. I feel lucky to have found two books that I enjoyed so much, It would have sucked if the first books I read after so long a break would have been a waste of time.

be in a band

A friend asked me a two years ago if I wanted to join him in a band, but I said “yeah right”. Time to stop daydreaming.

Fall in love
Be still my heart

Being male and (therefore) a hopeless romantic, I fall in love all the time, heart pounding and short of breath and wanting to do silly things like jumping around in leaves. Luckily, or sadly, I’m getting older, and though I still fall, I no longer land so hard. It all passes rather quickly now, shrugged off like a daydream.

Kiss in the rain
Memory lane

So strange, I must have kissed someone in the rain, how could I not?But I have no memory of it. Perhaps there only was time for a peck, before running for shelter. I have to care better for my memories.

sleep under the stars
Best way to sleep

I’ve done this on snow on a reindeer pelt, I’ve done it in an orange grove in Greece, I’ve done it under a tree in the middle of Ancona, Italy with a knife in reach, I’ve done it on the beach with my girlfriend in Saint-Sean-de-luz in France because we couldn’t find a place to stay, after stuffing ourself with seafood and white wine wheee, and on a mountaintop with four friends connecting all out sleeping bags together, and under a pine on a camping site in Lagos (or perhaps Sagres), Portugal feeling a little self concious (it was, after all, a camping ground), on the lava rocks just outside Cascais, close to Lisboa, Portugal, with two great germans I met, waking up to the sound of waves crashing and to a blistering day of swimming and being foolish, and in the woodland behind my parents garage in my teens, passed out on stolen homemade wine and green something from my fathers bar cabinet, waking at noon not knowing where I was. Ah, the memories, I had forgotten about all that until I saw this.

eat a pizza in italy
Nothing much to say

Been there, done that, the ones I make are better :) Traditional food in Italy seems pretty minimalistic. We ordered fish once, and that was EXACTLY what we got: One fish, dry and fried and weird. Nothing else. I never quite figured out the anti-pasti concept. Spaghetti is also pretty minimal compared to what my mother used to make, but I actually liked it after a while, now one of my favorite pastadishes is simply spaghetti with oil with lots of crushed garlic in it, and perhaps pesto.

travel overnight on a sleeper train

It’s not exactly what I would call a good nights sleep, but I suppose almost everything is worth doing once.

Buy a House
Good with the bad

Compared to renting buying a house from 1938 is a monster of work and expences. The best part, besides plenty of space, is not having to deal with that semi-retarded neighbour that plays bad trance at four in the morning, having to go down and knock on his door fearing to have you teeth knocked in. Renting gets old fast. But maintenace cost sucks ass.

fly in a hot air baloon
Accidental Ballooning

I was working as a photographer covering, and suddenly got invited to take a ride in a hot air baloon, but not only that, two paragliders where going to make a drop from it in mid flight! The whole experience was just surreal, I didn’t have time to think about it, and I was super buzy taking pictures during the preparation, the accent, the drop and the ensuing aironautic wizardry of the professional paragliders (by the way, this was the first time this had ever been done in Europe according to them, so it was pretty intense). But after they had landed, we where still high up in the air, and then it struck me: I’m dangling under an enormous baloon, filled with hot air, with no way of controlling where the heck it would land! And it was so silent, just the gas burners going off now and then. The landing was pretty hairy (in my opinion) we set down on a VERY small field and were almost dragged into someones back yard. I can’t forget the face of a small boy running out of his house, seeing this enormous thing landing on his lawn.

go scuba diving with dolphins

I have sort of almost done this, we were fishing from a boat in the missisippi delta area, where the river meets the gulf of mexico. It was hot and humid so I dove in, swam around for a while … until I felt something huge and slick sliding past me in the water. The water in this area is pretty dirty, so I couldn’t see jack, but needless to say I was out for water so fast it would make Superman look like a turtle! A few seconds later two dolpins jumped! They probably only wanted to play, but I was to shook up to go back in.

Visit Tokyo
Fantastic city

I only spent a week, and most of that just working, but that is actually the best way to see any place in the world, in my opinion. But I HAVE to go back, I have always wanted to travel all over Japan, big fan of their old culture and history.

see the northern lights

Growing up in northern norway has it’s few advantages, seeing the northern lights are definitly among them. Quite spectacular, dramatic and pretty romantic as well. Well worth traveling around the world for.



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