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  1. 1. Become a model
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  2. 2. sing in a band
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  3. 3. Smoke weed in Amsterdam
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sing in a band

Singing is something I love doing however I have very little confidence when it comes to performing in front of others. I’m working on that though because obviously I can’t become a singer if I’m not going to perform in front of people. I’m decent at it but I could do with a lot of improving. I’d really like to sing in a band in the indie or punk genre. I’m going to try to find a band to sing in as soon as I build up my confidence.:)

Become a model

Modeling is a job I pretty much have my heart set on although I know it can not be perminant. Next year I’m going to send my pictures to a few angencies but I’m not too sure which agencies I should send them too though so if you know any it’d be much appreicated if you told me. Another problem is that I am only 5”3 and most models are much taller so I’m not sure if modeling is gonna be something I can do. I’d really like to become a really an extreamly succsessful model such as Kate Moss; that would be a dream come true for me.


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