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  1. 1. Stop watching TV
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  2. 2. Write a radio play
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  3. 3. give up caffeine
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  4. 4. limit alcohol
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  5. 5. Limit my sugar intake
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  6. 6. Meditate in the morning
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  7. 7. Get my driver's licence
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  8. 8. Quit facebook
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  9. 9. Write my morning pages
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  10. 10. Complete "The Artist's Way"
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How I did it
How to get my Master's
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1 year
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Have to start again

Everything went well for a few days, then I got back on the same track by the end of the week. I do want to get back on track again though.
From the first try, I learned:
1: I had much more time to do other things
2: I read more
3: I used TV to stall myself from doing other things (why that is happening is another question)
4: It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be

So, this time, I will try to watch for the pit falls and have a bit more of a game plan.

get my drivers licence

I am 32 and hope to get my driver’s licence this year! I had my “learner’s permit” ages ago back in Canada, but I left for uni shortly after and it was always too expensive to follow-through.
I am now living in the UK and am terrified of the roads here! It seems like you have to be a much more aggressive driver and the roads are so narrow, you have to constantly pull over to let others through.
So enough bitching: why am I doing it?
Well, I just finished my master’s degree and most jobs I have been looking at require a car. It seems silly to have to pass up jobs on such a technicality after I worked my bloody arse off for a year. I am sure I will love the independence, etc, etc, but I guess I have been so used to not being able to drive that it didn’t seem to be such a big deal.
In any case, I will be sending off for my provisional licence soon!

complete four job applications in three weeks
Finding a job

I have just completed my masters degree. I was able to finally relax a bit afterwards, but now it’s back to reality! This means applying for jobs that I was originally unqualified for. Although, this is exciting, it’s also a bit scary. I have applied to a few jobs before I handed in my dissertation but wasn’t granted any interviews so my confidence is a little shot, however, I know now, I have much more time to dedicate to the process.
There are three jobs I am looking at which I am really excited about. One in particular, I am actually qualified for!
Now, I have to start the long process of convincing everyone else I can do it!

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