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  1. 1. quit smoking, again
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  2. 2. Jog 3 times a week
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  3. 3. lap swim regularly
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  4. 4. Act in a play
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  5. 5. Visit a European country
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  6. 6. walk Hadrian's wall
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  7. 7. go to New Zealand
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  8. 8. Visit Japan
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  9. 9. Learn Japanese
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  10. 10. go to art school
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  11. 11. learn to play piano
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  12. 12. reconcile with Mother
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  13. 13. get a tatoo
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walk Hadrian's wall

I’ve always been of fan of Hadrian and his big wall! I didn’t know it was a thing you could do. WOW. What a great goal I now have. Thanks Elfboy!

Act in a play

I’m in acting class!

quit smoking, again
Meh, I can quit any time!

Well, as is the pattern, I stop smoking for six months to a year, then I get too comfortable and think I can smoke only when I drink. Then last year in the other house we had a lot of parties and did a lot of drinking. Well, you still have cigs after the weekend is over so you have just one a day. And then you’re smoking 4 a day, and it’s still okay, you tell yourself. Before I knew it I was up to half a pack again, not every day, but twice a week now. What’s next? I gotta nip it in the bud.

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