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sleep better (read all 2 entries…)
It's not perfect...

but I am doing so much better. I think this is all I can ask for in this department. I am just a chronic insomniac. So, if I am using less than one sleeping pill per week…well, I think that is good enough for me.

get my husband to stop watching cheaters (read all 2 entries…)
he hasn't watched in at least a month

so i’m saying this is done. if he watches it occasionally, that’s cool… it was having to watch it every saturday night that was sucking the soul out of me. i don’t even think he meant to stop watching it, it’s just happened… without me having to nag. nice.

stop mourning the end of Six Feet Under
The Fishers

I am planning to watch the series again with my husband, who hasn’t seen it. I can’t watch the last few episodes, but I’m looking forward to seeing my old friends again.

I think I’ve missed Claire the most.

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