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Watch X-Files movie 2
No more XF movies please!

Especially if they’re going to be as bad as this one. I went into the cinema without any explicit expectations other than the movie would involve the two main X Files leads and would have nothing to do with the mytharc. Still it disappointed me because it wasn’t even equal to a decent XF episode.

The premise isn’t bad but the plot was heavily diluted by the fact that Scully’s storyline is independent of and irrelevant to the MOTW. There’s no time to get to know/understand the major new character (played by Amanda Peet). I couldn’t have cared less about the FBI manhunt or the boy with Sandhof’s.

Billy Connolly is the most interesting character as a psychic paedophile priest (those writers like allieration don’t they?), but all mention of him disappears in the last half hour.

Skinner makes a token appearance. There’s no suspense or mystery. The plot doesn’t “wrap up”.

There are some cute in-jokes for fans. Chris Carter makes a cameo. But these things do not a good movie make. Audiences were right to opt for “The Dark Knight” instead.

swim 20 laps every day of the summer break
I should but I haven't.

Currently working 6 days a week. I’m sure I have time but I’m too exhausted to go.

re-read Chronicles of Narnia before the movie comes out
Um... oops.

Okay, I’m changing this to “re-read before I see the movie”. I’ve got the books, but am so preoccupied with work and finishing half a dozen other books that I’ve started over the holidays!

Hope I get to it before the movie finishes its run at the cinemas!

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