become blind

I’ve done this twice over the last year, not on my own effort. Fortunatly I’m still not blind. However it has greatly influenced how i live my life now for the better. Those who want to become blind don’t know what they are saying. I searched “blind” just to see if anyone was crazy enough to say they wanted to and sure enough there was.?.

dig a hole for no reason

I dug a good size hole a couple weeks ago to get out this old tree stump in my parents’ neighbors’ front lawn. I imagine, however, that digging one for no reason would be…well different. I’m thinking something like a circle with a 5’ radius.?.

write a book

Really, who doesn’t dream of writing a book? Since I was in elementry school i’ve wanted to write a book. I hate reading most fictional books so I’d probably have a hard time doing that. I’m starting today and I’ll figer it out along the way.

learn Latin

It is a beautiful language. I’ve been studying it for 5 months now so I know most of it. But becoming fluent in it will take atleast a couple more years. So far it has been worth it.

sell all of my worldly possessions

It wouldn’t be hard for me to sell my possessions. Most of the stuff i own i don’t currently have due to letting people bother stuff all the time. But I think it would be hard for me to give the money from the possessions away, to charity or whatever. It would be a test that I’m not sure I would pass.

own a clydesdale

changed to just riding one. too expensive.

learn how to drive stick-shift

It is good to know if you live in a small town and a lot of the people are farmers and all they have are standard automobiles.

read Thoreau's Walden
Great Book

give in to the call of the wild

sit front row at a NFL game
New Years Day 2006

St. Louis Rams at Dallas Cowboys
Section 27, Row 1, Seat 111. About the 37-yard line on the Cowboys sideline. Great seats. The only not great thing about it was the dallas cowboys’ cheerleaders were a good 30 yards away. However, best sporting experience of my life.

fast for 40 days

To test my will power and discover what it is to live without regard to the carnal desires.



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