swim with manatees
Last summer

I was at the beach with my family, and there were two just off shore, they are beautiful creatures, but my family who is all from FL, just called them Sea Cows and didn’t seem very interested. Oh well, I liked it.

visit Zion National Park with my wife
Trip this summer

My wife and I are going to take an amazing trip this summer to travel to the Grand Canyon and Zion, and it will just be us and the dog!

finish a century ride
Hopefully May of next year will be the day.

The Shiner Hundred.

eat a pizza in italy
It was awesome!

The best was in Rome.

travel through Italy (read all 2 entries…)
Incredible journey

wish we were doing it again. Our favorite place to be was Cinque Terre. Followed by Siena and Florence. Rome, you have to see, but you only have to see it once, it is kind of a beating.

dunk a basketball(on a 10 ft rim)

once in high school, we played at a gym where one goal was slightly lower and i dunked it there. But never since, so i have been working out my legs and I can already touch the rim, so i figure if i lose about 15 pounds and keep my legs working out, I will get there.

climb every 14er in the USA
4 down

I have four down, but has been a couple of years now since my last attempt on one. But it sure is amazing everytime you get to the top.

travel through Italy (read all 2 entries…)
One month from today

My wife and another couple will fly to Paris enroute to Italy, We are so ready to get there. Making stops in Venice, Florence, Cinque Terre, Pisa, Sienna, and Rome. Can not wait.



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