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nameisnotmichael's Life List

  1. 1. inspire and be inspired
    278 people
  2. 2. NEVER apologize for who I am!
    203 people
  3. 3. talk less
    2 entries
    202 people
  4. 4. stop caring about what other people think
    192 people
  5. 5. help start a revolution
    1 cheer
    3 people
  6. 6. make my own clothes
    2,310 people
  7. 7. make real friends that share my interests
    258 people
  8. 8. Learn Japanese
    10,808 people
  9. 9. learn to play the trumpet
    194 people
  10. 10. learn spanish
    18,252 people
  11. 11. Learn tagalog
    516 people
  12. 12. learn russian
    2,819 people
  13. 13. learn french
    12,881 people
  14. 14. start a band
    1 entry
    1,990 people
  15. 15. get a job
    12,558 people
  16. 16. become a "regular" somewhere
    113 people
  17. 17. learn stenography
    111 people
  18. 18. read as many books as i can this summer
    2 people
  19. 19. destroy myspace
    1 entry
    49 people
  20. 20. Make a movie
    3,122 people
  21. 21. learn to play the piano
    8,235 people
  22. 22. survive my freshman year in high school
    1 entry
    10 people
  23. 23. drink more water
    20,214 people
  24. 24. draw more
    2,339 people
  25. 25. go to a World/Inferno Friendship Society show
    1 person
Recent entries
destroy myspace

The other day someone in my spanish class said aloud,

“You know you’re addicted to myspace when you put ‘’ where your name is supposed to be…” And the class erupted with laughter. Some kids even said they’d done the same thing!

I sunk into my seat praying for the class to end.
Can we please destroy myspace sometime soon?

Study more

Definitely worth doing.

My world history class is PAINFUL it’s so terrible! Fortunately, I decided to study up on the subject on my own and found it to be pretty damn interesting.

My bio class is also pretty painful, but only because there’s so much to learn! Studying more has definitely helped me here, unfortunately it only served to raise my grade and not my interest in the subject. :P Oh wells, can’t win ‘em all…

But still, studying is definitely worth it.

start a band

I suppose this could tie in with my “start a revolution” to-do.

I want to be in a band...

... that stands for something important.
... whose music can’t be classified.
... that’ll make people think.
... with up to a dozen people in it that play all different kinds of instruments and come from all different kinds of backgrounds.
... with people who aren’t in it for the money.
... that won’t have a myspace.

Hm Hm. Perhaps I’m getting a little carried away.

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