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  1. 1. Make new friends
    13,766 people
  2. 2. Learn Ruby
    1,871 people
  3. 3. master CSS
    1 entry
    712 people
  4. 4. work because I like to, not because I have to
    3,464 people
  5. 5. learn C#
    672 people
  6. 6. Spend less time fooling around on the net and more time actually working
    5,425 people
  7. 7. love myself
    5,160 people
  8. 8. stop wasting time
    3,653 people
  9. 9. Read more books
    11,845 people
  10. 10. Read before Bedtime Every Night
    9 people
  11. 11. Become a better programmer
    898 people
  12. 12. write my Goal
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    1 person
  13. 13. start new project on the web
    1 person
  14. 14. Be a better blogger
    1,363 people
  15. 15. manage my time better
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    1,497 people
  16. 16. Start my own business
    9,330 people

How I did it
How to get married
It took me
3 years
It made me

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save more money
when you need it ,you will be done it.

do it because you need to do it ,not because you want to do it.

some one will know what i mean ,not every one.

this the way am done it, when the time come to me ,and i do not have choose, safe it or you will die.

that is all.

master CSS

i need to learn more about this language,

how to

-menu on top wiht differnt style.
-IE and FF == peace.

and more.

learn PHP
change my mind

i think php not for me ,it for some one else.


this language not have namespace like on C# and i see IDE is better and easy to learn form books i have now.

but i steal think php have postive area ,like if you want to do something simple like blog,the server i use now work on LAMP.

if i have time on future i will put this again on my list but not now.

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