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I'm doing 2 things

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Write a video game
I lost my gun!

Well all you have to do is shoot your way thou every single level from the 1st to the 14th then you will have to fight a boss every 15th battle.Every time you pass a boss you will notice that the difficulty
has changed to the difficulty and there are 45 levels of story mode
and 19 bonus levels witch will power you up to another power level so
the more power ups the better you are.Every time you die you will
start all over again from that level then you will have to collect all objects and complete all missions.
cheat codes:at the main menu write down these cheats:
bagofbats = smelly castles but clean fresh grave yards
foots ville = 77 prickly old men and great big boosters for the
young ones.


I want to:
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