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  1. 1. Buy a Porsche
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  2. 2. Get Married
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  3. 3. Have children
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  4. 4. Have an Interracial relationship
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Get a tattoo
Got a tattoo

Actually I have 6. Stings a little at first but after it’s over, it’s all good!

have a threesome
Have a Threesome

Yeah!! I was at this party one night chillin! So, towards the end of the night, we were exiting the party and one of my friends said the party was moving to his place and this female friend was coming along and she wanted yours truly to make sure, I came by. I was like cool, not really knowing what was in the mix. Got to the crib, we chilled for a min and she said, I’ll going to the back. She called my friend back into the other room, they were in there for a little while then she called me in. Well, when I got back there, I was invited to stay. I was like.. COOL. So we are handling this chick and then my friends phone rings. Well, it’s this other female who was at the party too and she was calling for a booty call. He tells her what’s going on and she’s like, “I’m on my way!” She arrives and let’s just say, 3 turned into 4. I was like… “This is the Shizz-nitt!” Me and him did the signature hi 5 and took it to the bridge! Holla! NEO_SOUL_04

make a sex tape
Made a sex tape

It was one of those things. She asked me to come by and bring a camera along. I was like cool. After it was over she said.. “You can keep the tape to remember this by!” Oh, by far, that was the best tape made, by me to date! NEO_SOUL_04.

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