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  1. 1. Stop Picking At My Face
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  2. 2. finish reading "Confident" book
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  3. 3. make healthy meals
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  4. 4. start to surf again
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  5. 5. lose 15 pounds
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  6. 6. Keep Up With My Nails/Waxing
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  7. 7. swim twice a week
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Stop Picking At My Face (read all 6 entries…)
This time for good

I am tired of this. I feel motivated and good. I AM going to complete this goal soon. If I don’t pick for 8 weeks, I will consider it accomplished (because after 8 weeks I think the habit will be kicked)


hmmm….8 weeks from today: July 11th!!!

lose 15 pounds
Feeling Motivated :)

I have been really good for quite a while (a couple months) about working out almost every day. I have definitely toned up and lost some fat around my stomach, but I am still the same weight (about 142). I am really proud of myself and I feel motivated to keep going. I was to start to actually slim down and lose weight as well.
One thing that I feel will help a lot is to take it easy on my alcohol intake. Being that I’m in college it will be a bit hard, but nothing impossible. Also, I graduate on Wednesday and I have a three week break after that before I start working for the summer, so I’m thinking about doing two workouts a day, like swimming in the mornings and going to the gym in the afternoon. I’m a lifeguard and I have a free membership to the gym/pool at my work (which is about 5 min away from my house) so it’s not hard to get there.
My boyfriend and I are going to Europe in the fall, and I want to be absolutely gorgeous (because I think he might propose!!!)

More later, but I’m excited to go through this journey with all of you!

turn off the tv

I got rid of cable a few months ago and my boyfriend and I LOVE it! You all should try!

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