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  1. 1. Become more motivated
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  2. 2. Write a letter once a week to family
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  3. 3. Start a journal
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  4. 4. Buy a horse
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  5. 5. Go back to college
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  6. 6. Learn another language
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  7. 7. Pray every day
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  8. 8. Travel to another country
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  9. 9. Learn about wine
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learn about wine
I've never been interested

in wine but my husband recently began to have an interest so for a date recently we went to a local winery, had a tasting, picked a favorite and bought a bottle for home. Ate some wonderful food while there and strolled the vineyard. It was a great time for us. Looking forward to visiting others in our area and hoping to locate a class or two to take about wines.

Start a journal (read all 2 entries…)
Don't know if you'd call this a journal or not but,

I have started a blog at blogspot. May sound crazy but absoloutely no one is aware of it. I write about happenings in my family and my thoughts, hopes, dreams etc. Sounds like a journal to me. It’s a work in progress. I’m not as regular with it as I would like yet.

become more motivated (read all 2 entries…)
Nothing gets you motivated like

your child!! I want to do and be my best for her. How can I ask or teach her things that I don’t do. On obedience: which I want from her. How can I ask her to be when I break rules. How can I expect her to drive properly when she sees me run stop signs and speed? SO. I am following all the driving laws. To set an example. Safety is the added benefit. I have one child and will only get one chance. I want to do it right. (I also quit littering because of her. Just little things like throwing my gum out the window, or a small piece of paper. It’s called integrity.)

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