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  1. 1. Start and Finish P90X
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  2. 2. Lose 20 pounds
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  3. 3. learn to draw
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write mcat

i know most poeple will say they sucked after finishing a major exam like the mcat but ive always had gut feelings after i was doen and tehy have never steered me wrong
so i am going to be honest
this was teh second time i did it
i wasnt satisfied with the first time because they weather was crappy and i was throwing up in the morning
so i got a very average score
i gave myself 3 months and studied my ass off
and the physical section totally screwed me up
biology was ok
verbal seemed ok
so now im worried taht my entire summer was a waste
and taht best case scenario i will have improved on verbal and bio but it will balance out with how poorly i do on teh physical section and i will end up with exactly teh same mark as last time
worst case scenario is that i do worse MUCH MUCH worse

so either way its a lose lose situation
i am really hoping fr a miracle here

Start and Finish P90X

so im waiting fro my stuff to arrive which should be anytime next week
so this week im just psyching myself up for it
ive had enough with my lazy comfort zone lifestyle
i dont want to start jumping out of planes yet but i want change and im hoping p90x will do it for me

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starting over again
5 lbs by june 31

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