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Pass the CPA exam (read all 31 entries…)
FAR and AUD are out for me

I do not know how this happened – but I got both of my results today(I took AUD on Feb 11 and FAR on Jan 14).
This seemed really weird and I actually called to make sure there was no mistake.
Apperantly, there was no mistake – which makes things even weirder, because apparently I passed both exams and supposedly now I have passed them ALL???

It is so crazy! I can hardly believe my eyes!

Special thanks to all of you that have been my best support through that crazy time of studying, passing and failing. It is an experience that can only be compared to riding a roller coaster:)

Good luck to all still waiting for results!

Pass the CPA exam (read all 31 entries…)
AUD question

OK, I have not started studying for AUD yet and my exam is Feb 11 – haha!
I only read the introduction in the Wiley book and it scared me veeeeery much. They say their utline is far from enough to pass the test. They say I ned to know the pronouncements very well.
Of course I won’t have time to even read them (haha).

What do I do, people? Do I memorize te outlines in Wiley, or do I spend all of my time going through the pronouncements?

Pass the CPA exam (read all 31 entries…)
AUD study tips

Now that FAR is behind me, I have to start studying for AUD. My exam has to be on Feb 11(as this is the last date before my REG expires)
Please tell me what I need to know about this one.
Here is my experience so far:
For REG – I took a live course and did the Wiley’s MC’s twice(no SIMs, or readng the theory) – pass
For BEC – I read Wiley’s theory, so I can understand the material and memorized some formulas – pass
For FAR – nothing proved successful – live course, Yeager, reading the Wiley theory, doing MC’s, SIMs – it feels like time was never enough for studying, questions on the exam always outside of the theory I read…...... – took it 3 times, waiting on 3rd score with not much hope

So far I have the Wiley book and I am going to start reading it. But I am open to your advice and suggestions.

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