find my soulmate
I think

I have fond him, but I cannot be sure….. he is from vermont, and I am from Michigan…. it is hard to understand, and I am so confused…..

make love in the rain
I really wanna do this one

it sounds like so much fun…...

Kiss in the rain
I wanna do it right

I have kissed someone in the rain once before but it wasn’t a romantic kiss or anything more than a peck on the lips…. I want to find the one that’ll give me that kiss


Been there done that, wrote the novel…
Definitely had the good the bad, and in one case, the ugly….. lol

go to college
Being in college...

has been an experience for me that I will never forget. I defied my father when I chose the college I currently attend. I am glad I did, I love this place, and the people I have met.
I am going for an associates degree in automotive technology, and alternative fuels. Most of my family is proud of me, but some are not…..... they say it is a mans world…

To live instead of exist

I never really lived until I moved from home to Ohio to go to college. I first defied my father by going into a male dominated field, automotive repair….. and I am excelling!!!! I have a little over a year left here and I feel I have truly lived…. I am happy I did



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