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  1. 1. Become more confident in myself.
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  2. 2. stop procrastinating
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  3. 3. be more social
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  4. 4. Make new friends
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  5. 5. Save money
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  6. 6. travel the world
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  7. 7. visit all 50 states
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  8. 8. go on a cruise
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  9. 9. see the northern lights
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  10. 10. Have fun
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  11. 11. lose weight
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  12. 12. be happy
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  13. 13. eat healthier
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  14. 14. drink more water
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  15. 15. find my passion
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  16. 16. Fall in love
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  17. 17. See an Opera
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  18. 18. See a Broadway show.
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  19. 19. Ride in a race car.
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  20. 20. Go to Australia.
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See Eddie Izzard live again (read all 4 entries…)
WOO HOO.....

Here’s one of my favorite pics that I managed to get on Fri. during the Q&A…..

Well as of May 16th & 17th 2008 I saw Eddie live twice….plus I was able to stick around after the shows for the Q&A…..got some pics of the Q&A….Had a blast both nights…but in my mind Sat the 17th was better than Fri the 16th….Sat he just seemed more full of energy…and just was enjoying himself so much more than on fri….but that’s just my thought….

Now it’s just a matter of waiting till Aug 8th 2008 so that I can see him one more time in LA!!!!!!!!

See Eddie Izzard live again (read all 4 entries…)
Well it's official

I have in my hot little hands 2 tickets for Eddie Izzard Live in Chicago on Fri May 16th Section 3R Row MM (about 14 or 15 rows from the stage) my cuz is going with me again to this show. Than I also have 2 tickets for Sat May 17th when my friend said that she’d be willing to see what he’s all about. We have front row balcony seats for this show!!!

Than I am also going to LA for the first time!!!!! To visit my friend Wendy that at that time will be over a year since I’ve seen her…and we’re seeing Eddie on 8/8/08!!!! Not sure where the seats are…but I know that their on the mainfloor.

God I can not wait!!!!!!

See Eddie Izzard live again (read all 4 entries…)
Is it possible??

There is a chance that I will be going to LA to go and see him in Aug!!!! God I only hope that things work out in the long run!!!!

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