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im going to se the rocky horror picture show in aberdeen with my daughter soon that should be fun really looking forward to it.
also i just got confirmation from work ive got 3 tickets to see eddie izzard live im over the moon he is so funny cant wait till 4th november.

overcome dysfunctional childhood

I grew up in
i was brought up by my mum who was a single mother well my dad left when i was 1 or 2 i dodnt know exactly i saw him most sundays growing up that was it.
My mother was an alcoholic and as such when i was growing up it has affected the way i react around people and also given me some intimacy issues were i wont open up emotionally and am very secrative .
I have started to go to an alanon group this is for friends and families of alcoholics but what i really need is acoa which is adult children of alcoholics but there is no group around were i live.
so im making progress with alanon and an online meeting of acoa

take time to learn what i want out of life

were to begin ?
That is the question.
i have recently split from my wife and am now living up the road i get to see our girls when i want which is brilliant.
one thing i know is i like my job which is good.
but i dont know what i want to do socially we shall see.

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