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collect the songs i like
its so much fun

besides collecting my favs i m learning so much about music… this is going to be an endless joy ride, with the bands tht i like i am checking out the groups and singers they have been influenced by… oh boy its so enriching.. i m loving every moment of it!!!

love unconditionally. (read all 2 entries…)

ok… i know this is not fair .. but i seem to have found a secret weapon!! almost evil… quite the opposite of what i was trying to achieve here.. the weapon is tht as long as u dont let the person know tht u want them more than they do they ll love u, want u, blah blah… its not right… but then i do my part doubly over, i do everything to make them feel special, just not say it… so its almost like a balancing act. the latter part is a deliberate effort. waiting to see where this takes me… oh gosh

think positive
takes you there!!

still have the ole psycho hovering around… but then i shush it… it takes effort.. real effort.. coz its there in verything u do… its like an unconscious habbit.. like biting nails… only zillion times harder to get over pessimism… i used to find the cynical attitude rather romantic… hmmm .. well i ll let woody allen take care of it… oh boy he is good!!!

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