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  1. 1. weigh 130lbs
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  2. 2. Run a 10km race
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  3. 3. plant a vegetable garden
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  4. 4. grow organic vegetables
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  5. 5. cure my interstitial cystitis
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  6. 6. Practice Pilates
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Practice Pilates
started this week...

Took my second class today…I am so lucky to have my pelvic physiotherapist teaching it. She makes sure we aren’t causing further problems. Very intense though!

cure my interstitial cystitis
running to help cure IC

I am pushing through my chronic pain and IC symptoms by exercises…I feel I have nothing to loose. It makes my mind happier.

Run a 10km race
walking/running already

I am walking/running an hour 3 days a week, doing two one hour cardio/strength training sessions and two one hour pilates classes a week. I was walking maybe twice a week in December…big change in my abilities.

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