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lose 40 pounds (read all 5 entries…)
Half way there

So, I am half way to my goal. I am 5’10” and was pushing 231 lbs! I am around 211 – 212. Weekends are tough. The only time I have to exercise is in the morning. I lift weights for 20 minurtes and run for 30 minutes. It just does not seem to be enough. Dieting is difficult; I am trying everything , but weekends are hard! I like beer!

play the drums again
Well, it happened...

I was invited to play the role of one of the Beatles in a skit for a business association that I am involved with. Two of the guys were playing guitar and the other two were to pretend to play instruments. I volunteered that I could play the drums and I would gladly be “Ringo”. The next thing you know, my drums are retrieved from the cobwebs, dusted off, new heads, and the wife allows a $275.00 purchase for new high hats! It’s a 5 minute gig that could lead to the end of a long retirement from music in my life.

lose 40 pounds (read all 5 entries…)
Food and Friends on Day 13

It can be really difficult to stick with a diet when you dine with the same people at lunch every day. . . I had the audacity or maybe something quite the oposite, when I ordered a seafood salad on a bed of lettuce. So outraged was my dining companion that he emailed Maxim Magazine and is lobbying for a “Man Rule” that no man can order anything on a bed of lettuce. I’m trying to avoid carbs damnit and it is working quite well! I have lost about six or seven pounds already, Just 34lbs left.

I have not been exercising I really need to do that to speed up the weight loss. Cheers.

lose 40 pounds (read all 5 entries…)
Atkins by any other name is still Atkins. . .Day 6

I am on the Atkins diet again, whether I want to call it that or not. .. because the world – and I mean all of the fitness mags that I am reading- all talk about avoiding sugar and white flour and pasta and adding more fiber and whole grains all while avoiding calling the proposed diet “low carb” or worse referencing the Atkins diet, when in fact that is what these diets are – Atkins in disguise! So if lowering our carb intake is good, why is everyone so crazy against the Atkins Diet? Because it is hard like all diets, but unlike all diets Atkins works very well. . . If you actually read the Atkins Book you get the message about how our American diet is full of processed white flour and sugar and if you cut a lot of these out you are left with nutitious food. . . . MY DINNER USED TO LOOK LIKE THIS : Chicken, rice, and sald. I take off the rice and add more salad. Is this more or less healthy? There are a lot of carbs in vegetables and I just do not believe that the empty callories that I am avoiding are somehow hurting me. . .

Final note on that is: I know what has worked for me in the past and the only diet that has everput a dent in my gut is the Atkins diet. . . Everyone’s body is different and for me carbs are very very bad. I have a sedentary job, quick energy does not get used and turns to fat that hangs on my body . .

Anyway, I have been on the diet for 6 days now and I feel really good. I do not get cravings. I do not get hungry. I do not have gas. It is actually a great feeling. e’s see how we aredoing tomorow!

Jump rope (read all 3 entries…)
The Right Equipment

One f the fears thatr many people have when they begin a new activity is that they will go “all in” on the best equipment for the activity and then find that they lose interest in the activity and end up with a closet or possibly room-full of a high end “junk”. Luckily this cannot really happen with a jumprope. So, I went to a site called: and bought the xtra special braided rope and a jump pad thing so I can jump indoors and $50 and 2 weeks later I’m jumpin rope baby. . .and I gotta tell you it works a lot better than the speed rope I started using. I rented the ropesport video and it helped a lot too. So, if you are jumping rope, get a good rope, it makes a difference and the indoor mat will probably work out great this winter -yeah.

If anyone has any jumprope tips, let me know!

buy a pair of sunglasses

OK, I am looking to get a real pair of sunglasses that I have to keep in a special case that will protect my eyes from harmful rays. . .Any suggestions, picture thes sunglasses on my somewhat pudgy face i.e. I need glasses that will make my face look longer, not wider! I am a child of the 80’s who could not afford Raybans because I spent all my money at the arcade ebery week.

I am 35 now and I jsut want to get this done. Thanks all. . .

Buy a new wedding band
Wedding Band Fiasco

Well, I am on wedding band number three. Not that I have been married three times, just lost my ring twice now. I cannot really explain what happened the first time. I was in a band, playing the drums and I got to the point where I was playing for long periods of time and it hurt my fingers if I did not take the band off. And this one time at band practice I came home without my ring and it never turned up. . . This last time that I lost my ring I was at the Big E in West Springfield, Massachusetts, comming down a water rollercoaster thing with my two kids, leaning over to splash my wife who was watching and the ring came flying off, hit the side of a 39,000 gallon tank of water and that was it. I went back to the friggen park three times trying to see if they found it when they broke the ride down, but nothing.

Well, my wife was actually undestanding (this time) as she got to witness the loss I guess, and I am trying to make something good out of this mess. I think that I will go platinum and have the ring engraved with my wife and kids’ birthdays and my wedding anniversary date. I think that I will get a platinum version of my class ring and get it engraved with the phrase “Don’t die young” so I can remind myself of 5 important things. . .

lose 40 pounds (read all 5 entries…)

Wow am I having trouble with this one. . .I started jumping rope and walking, but it just has not taken off. Seems like I have no time and life is taking me around in a vicious circle. This is so important, yet I cannot seem to be able to make the commitment to myself to follow through more than a day at a time. (Then I cheat on the diet or do not exercise or both) I see that a lot of people try to drink more water and I have heard of this method as a way to curb your appetite and assist your body in metabolising the foods that you eat.

I will start on Tuesday, I have some time in the morning and I have someone to go to the gym with. I think I will attempt to do two exercise things a day and eat healthy. I am not sure if I can do the Atlins thing again, although it worked really well for me once. I will definately go “lower carb” I have got to do this!

be a better husband (read all 2 entries…)
The Inlaws!!!!

Well, this is an area that I have had difficulty adjusting to and I am sure that I am not alone. . . I have found over the course of 9 years of marriage that finding areas of frictionless engagement is crucial to an inlaw encounter. It is worth years of probing and testing to find those areas of conversation that will not lead to hostilities. Sleeping a lot and getting a buzz also helps.

Anyway, I am glad that I have learned to do this so that I can enjoy time spent with my inlaws more. It is a subarea of a happy mariage that is important and I am sure that this is not my last entry on the subject as I endeavor to become “a better husband”.

P.S. for those of you who claim “my inlaws are great, etc. . .” GOOD FOR YOU, this post is not for you, just the other 80-90% of us. . . .

read all of the classics
An incomplete education

So, I got my book in this weekend entitled “An Incomplete Education” and it is really great. The book goes through all of the general non-elective classes that you had to take in a typical 4 years of liberal arts and discusses each area while listing he major works attached to each author, artist, political figue, etc. . . I have found that when I was in college I did not really appreciate the time that I had to get into my classes. I was using my education to get somewhere, but missed the knowledge for the sake of knowledge concept. It is a shame. But, I think I ill enjoy catching up again. I highly reccomend this book.

see the grand canyon
All American Vacation

Yeah, I never made this trip as a kid and I think I missed out on a little adventure. . . I would like to take my kids. I once read this short story, can’t remeber the author’s name, but she said that you can never recreate the moment García López de Cárdenas walked out of the woods and went “HOLY SHIT shit … shit . .. shit ” (in Spanish) because we all already have pictures of the Grand Canyon in our minds. Even getting off the “beaton track” doesn’t work because that’s already been done too. Sort of depressing actually that all of the discovery has been taken away, but I still think it will look bigger in real life and would be a great family adventure!!!

do the splits
36 and never split

I have always wanted to be able to do the splits as part of different martial arts training (which I have not done for many years). I would really like to be able to do this. I think that it would help me get back into martial arts if I had the felexibility to start and if I did some self-training. What I need to know is: Is it easier to use a machine to aid in the process? I have no one to strch with. How do you accomplish this solo. If you have any clues please write to me and please be as detailed as possible if you reply I really need a plan of attack on this one. Thanks!

Jump rope (read all 3 entries…)
Buying Accessories

So I rented this tape called RopeSport and it was pretty good. . . While I am watching it I could not help but notice that everyone is using a beeded rope – they are also using these mats for jumping indoors. Normaly I would just ignore these accessories and grab the clothesline and use that as a jumprope, but this is too important, I am too important. Sometimes you have to bite the bullet and get the right equipment and feel and look good in life jumping your damn rope!!!

be a good father (read all 2 entries…)
Sticks, carrots and hourglasses

-Just wait till your father gets home!!! It is tough being a dad in a traditional family these days. Lots of pressure, seems like work keeps you from being home and when you get home you must be the disciplinarian or you can try to be the fun guy, given you only have a limited time with your kids and make your wife be the bad guy. Well, neither siuation is good in the extreme and th extremes are unavoidable given the limited time so we have to “make” more time so that we as fathers can be both the disciplinarian and the fun guy that your kids can learn from and have a relationship with. My goals are to a great extent about making me faster, more efficient and more energetic so that I have more “up” or engageable time to share.

My kids are little so I have to make these changes quickly. I am shouting out to all of the Dads out there: How do you make more time with your kids?

Jump rope (read all 3 entries…)
I Jump

I bought a video and a rope and a mat. . . the rope and the mat are on the way. The video is called “ropesport” and I think the “hot chick” from Charles in Charge is in it as well as some guy from the Real World. I have a speed rope, but it is hard to use. . . I am having some trouble getting started. . . , but I did manag to jump 70x kinda sloppy, no real tricks or anything, but I figure if I keep adding jumps, well, maybe I can shed some lbs. . .

be a better husband (read all 2 entries…)
The most important things

I am glad that I listed my top two things as family things. Someone once said “you are not who you think you are, you are not who others think you are,your are who you think others think you are” and the most important people to most of us is our family. I will not fail my family. They must grow and flourish and experience the most that they can in life. My goal has to be to assist my family attain their goals.

I have an anniversary coming up and my mini goal in this thing is to make sure that I plan something great for my loving wife. Any ideas???

lose 40 pounds (read all 5 entries…)
I actually did this once and kept the weight off for a year and then. . .

Well,I just totaly got off the diet and never exercised. I was on the Atkins diet about two years ago and lost about 35 lbs very quickly. I kept about 30 lbs off for a year and then slowly gained most of it back. This time I am trying do a modified atkins, just drastically reducing sugar and carbs, eating natural foods and above all exercising every day. The exercising is starting off as walking and jumping rope and as I lose the weight I want to play a sport again and take martial arts again. I realy think that it will work this time. . . one can only hope!

learn to type
The key to productivity?

The reason that I really want to learn to touch type is because I use a computer so much that I am sure my typing handicap is totally slowing me down. . . I am much less productive and I wonder why I seem to have no time. That’s probably why I have never made a list of things that I want to do. Also it is apparent that some of the things that I want to do require a lot of typing! I am looking for advice. It seemsd Mavis and Simon and Poomba have cd’s out, what is the fastest way o get the skills? Any help is welcome.

learn to play guitar
Half a musician

I do not want to anger anyone by saying this, but as a drummer I always felt like half a musician. Not that it is not a complicated instrument, but there are generally (in a classic rockset) NO TONES, just rythme. Yes you have to be coordinated to get all of your limbs moving, but if you have a tune in your head, you have no instrument to express it. . . Well, I picked up a guitar and I have a basic book, but I could use help getting started. . . How do you toughen up your fingers to hold those notes. . . I need immediate gradification are there any simple relatively modern rock tunes to help me get started?

be a good father (read all 2 entries…)
The anxiety of being a father

I have to be a great Dad. I worry. . . quietly? and maybe that is being a Dad? I do not let my children know that I am anxious about their development. I have them read and read to them every night. We work on flashcards most every night. We play sometimes, but we do not have a lot of time. I want to teach them music and encourage them in their sports, but there just doesn’t seem to be enough time. How do I make the time? I wish that I could follow some basic program. . .so many hours of this or that and you will have a well-rounded kid. I feel that it is happening naturally, but I wonder if it could be better if I gave this goal some real attention and structure. I just don’t know where to find these answers. . .



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