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  1. 1. become ok with my body
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  2. 2. spend more time with my friends
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  3. 3. take better care of my feet
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  4. 4. graduate
    2,330 people
  5. 5. spend more time working on my photography skills
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  6. 6. fart less
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  7. 7. spend more time outside
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  8. 8. do more of the things my husband enjoys doing
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  9. 9. worry less about my step-daughter
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  10. 10. paint every room in my house
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  11. 11. cry less
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  12. 12. learn to speak Tagalog
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  13. 13. Not nag my husband as much as I do
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  14. 14. Save more money
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  15. 15. Spend more time with my dad
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  16. 16. worry less
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  17. 17. stop biting my nails
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  18. 18. follow my diet better
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  19. 19. shop less
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  20. 20. be more spontanious
    72 people
  21. 21. save a million dollars
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spend more time with my dad

I have always been super close with my parents, especially my dad. I’m an only child. But since my mom died suddenly about 3 months ago, it PAINS me to see my dad alone. He says he’s alright, but you know… You worry. I cry because I fear he is lonely. Sometimes I think I spend too much time bugging him, but then there are days I don’t see him and I worry about him. I want him to remember that even though mom is gone, he still has his daughter around to fill that void.

become ok with my body

After losing over 160lbs, I want to be ok with how my body is. I’m never going to be perfect, nobody is. So at this point, I just want to be happy with what I have and get rid of all this crazy body image stuff in my head.


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