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  1. 1. live simply
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  2. 2. write thank you notes to everyone in my life
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  3. 3. save more money
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  4. 4. write poem
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  5. 5. grow my hair long
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stay alive to be alive
I want to live on for another day ...

I don’t want to feel like dying like this.
My neurotransmitters in my brain must have something wrong.
Troubles with my emotion are killing me times to times.

Ah … I want to see the light and feel its warmth.

meet my true love
they say he'll come when I stop looking for, right ?

.. but I haven’t stopped looking yet

write thank you notes to everyone in my life (read all 5 entries…)
thanks to ... my dear ex

thanks for nothing …
not actually nothing … but …

thanks for not loving me enough to keep our relationship
it makes me struggle so hard to grow up by myself …

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