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  1. 1. stop procrastinating
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  2. 2. speak to my parents more often
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  3. 3. get up earlier on the weekends
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  4. 4. Read more books
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  5. 5. become less afraid of rollercoasters
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  6. 6. visit Thailand again
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  7. 7. Visit Machu Picchu
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  8. 8. visit New Zealand
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  9. 9. be more impulsive
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  10. 10. drive a race car
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  11. 11. exercise more
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  12. 12. Finish what I start
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  13. 13. watch less tv
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  14. 14. stop being such a packrat
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see the northern lights (read all 2 entries…)

We got lucky on a recent holiday to Iceland, despite thinking September was too early in the year. It’s definitely worth asking hotels to let you know if they’re due, as most places know tourists are interested.

stop procrastinating

2 years after setting up my list on here I’ve finally got round to updating some of the items. I guess I’m not doing so well on this one! Plus, updating them at 3am isn’t going to help “get up earlier on the weekends” either.

I’m having some success with the Getting Things Done approach, keeping lists of things I want/need to do, and ticking them off as I complete them. Having the list to refer to keeps my head free, and means I can pick off smaller tasks at the next convenient time.

Definitely still a work in progress, but I feel I’m doing better than I was when I first created the list (despite the long gap).

see the northern lights (read all 2 entries…)

I spent a week skiing in Finnish Lapland in mid-January 2007, but wasn’t lucky enough to see them (despite hotel reception having instructions to wake us at any hour!).

If at first you don’t succeed, and all that…

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