is spending time with my AWESOME son!

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design my own tattoo
It took a while but i got it started

I’m going to finish it out with a rainbow coming out like the lines of the staff and maybe some notes but I haven’t decided on the music yet

watch less tv

I have not just veg’d out in front of the TV in a long time. I watch Heroes, and the Simpsons, but that’s it! occasionally I watch the Daily Show/Colbert Report…
so much more time for real life. I write more, read more, work better, breath better, move more, eat less, think clearly, sing better, jump higher, run faster, laugh harder, have better sex, longer more intense (and frequent) orgasms, understand God in all things, feel more confident in crowds, fitter, happier, more productive, healthy blood pressure, learn medical advancements through osmosis and can type over 7000 characters a second with no errors!

own a nintendo again :(

I got a system called “yobo” on ebay, I can play all my old school Nintendo games on it (except gauntlet, i don’t know why). Tetris, SMB I II & III, Legend of Zelda, pinball, skate or die… excellent! I recommend it, and you can get the old games for short money too, if you don’t still have them.


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