I'm doing 28 things

How I did it
How to go to bed before 1 am for 21 days
It took me
365 days
It made me

How to go cliff diving
It took me
365 days
It made me
Adrenaline High

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plan a trip to San Francisco
Grand tour of California...

If airfares go down, want to spend my birthday driving up the California coast, and only have a few months to plan.

learn about buddhism
Complete BuddhaNet's Online Study Course

And go to Borobodur when complete as reward.

cure my migraines
Sad to take this off the list

I was very hopeful about this one, though they have gotten more under control. Apparently plastic surgery for migraines has not been as successful as claimed, and can leave your face looking messed up. Not good.

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