Drive a dogsled.

Did this in Kiruna, Sweden. During the same trip, I saw the northern lights, drank water straight from a frozen river, and slept in a Lappish hut.

see the northern lights

I did this in Sweden a couple years ago. It is really amazing – so quiet and calm, they change really slow right before your eyes. I wish I had a picture of it like all those amazing pictures..

Finish all the books I started
A never-ending battle!

This is a constant never ending battle – I swear I have ADD or something..

learn to salsa dance well

not just learn to dance salsa – but learn to do it well. From what I am told by mexican friends, there is a big difference..

Learn to drive a stick shift
Very fun

Driving a stick shift makes you feel so much more in touch with the road and the car and the full experience of driving.

Learn another language

lived in Germany for a year and learned German



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